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Specializing in science inquiry based instruction, notebooks, science literacy, questioning techniques, assessment, strategic planning, and program sustainability.

My mission is to help educators in their classrooms to promote sustained learning and enhance instruction.

I believe that all students can learn. Teacher on-going professional development is the most important factor in the process of educating students. Being a life-long learner and providing the connection to real world experiences sustains the learning experience.

I can help in the developing of different learning styles through inquiry-based instruction. Do you currently:
•   Use research based strategies
•   Have students predict, test ideas, and communicate through a variety of methods
•   Teach to a specific conceptual idea or choose activities on a whim
•   Use varied assessments that match instruction

If any of these make you wonder, I can help solidify these instructional methods.

This site contains ideas on various topics important to education.

I can be contacted through email:

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